Can Twitter help Apple’s shares rise?

How’s this for a quick example of the power of Twitter I posted on ICAEW’s IT Counts today as my final day in the role of ION community manager, based on the simple premise of the value of being in the right place at the right time? The price of Apple shares have dipped recently with rumours of Steve Jobs’ health concerns. Yet yesterday notable blogger Robert Scoble posted: “I’m in Palo Alto. Just had yogurt at shop that Steve Jobs eats at frequently. They said he was in a couple of days ago and is in great health.”

In return Ross Mayfield posted on Twitter: “Amazed at how much play @scobleizer got with his Steve Jobs health insight.Wonder if it will move $AAPL stock tomorrow

So now I’m watching Apple stocks today to see if there’s a positive effect effect. Whatever the outcome, it’s a great example of how Twitter can quickly and easily spread the word.

Note: the use of the $ sign before Apple’s stock symbol is so the post also gets published on the Twitter-related shares site with other Apple posts.

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