On Facebook, People Own and Control Their Information?

I saw this today:

“Zuckerberg is saying, “Trust us.” But it is difficult to trust a company that is stripping users of rights they’ve become accustomed to, even if hardly any of them ever actually asserted those rights in practice”. And did this:

I've deactivated my Facebook account

I've deactivated my Facebook account

Not surprising in one way as their backed by some big money that need a return on their investment. Nice acid test for Mr Zuckerberg. Here’s his response on Facebook. I guess the pressure’s on.

Hmm, Perez Hilton doesn’t like Facebook either so I’m in good company:


We’re so glad we’ve never uploaded any of our stuff onto Facebook!

You Facebook users are SCREWED.

Did you know that everything you’ve loaded up into your profile (personal pictures, etc.) belongs to Facebook, even after you’ve closed your account?

That’s what it says in the Terms of Service you agreed to when you opened your account, apparently.

The Consumerist recently uncovered this disturbing info and it’s causing quite a stir.

So, what does this mean?

Basically, Facebook can do whatever the hell they want with YOUR STUFF.

And, they can do so WITHOUT your permission.

For example, they can license your personal pictures out to companies, make a shizzle of money and don’t have to give you a dime.

Sounds really, really shitty and sooo shady!!!!!

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