Yes, CEOs Should Facebook And Twitter, says Forbes

Nice piece yesterday in Forbes arguing in this current climate why traditionally conservative CEOs may need to think again about web 2.0.

So to a list of reasons why, in no particular order:

1. Because competiitors are already using it to drive up profits.

2. Because it’s cheaper than traditional media.

3. Because you can create lasting relationship with your most precious ‘commodity’, customers.

4. Because you can learn about what your customers want, rather than telling them what you think they need.

5. Because you’ll end up using web 2.0 in a  defensive way if you don’t proactively learn to use the tools positively.

6. Because it’s a great way to establish your reputation as an organisation, and in thought leadership within your industry.

7. Because you want to hear what your employees have to say.

8. Because you want to feedback to employees on what’s happening with their suggestions for improvement and products.

9. Because your peers are already online and it’s time to join the party.

10. Because in 5 years time you’ll be ahead of your competitors in the web 2.0 use of tools for marketing, customer relationship management, and PR if you start now.

Q: Any more? Maybe to help prepare the ground before seeking VC funding?

Time to walk the walk

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