Cheers to the National Equalities in Mental Health Programme on Twitter

Good to see the National Equalities in Mental Health Programme on Twitter — cheers!

A few years ago I wrote a brief paper on empowerment. Here’s the paragraph on mental health groups; it’s only got five points:-)

Non-linear empowerment for self- help/consumer-run services

1 Strengthen consumer group leaders by empowering them with greater self-confidence.

2 Support and strengthen consumer group leaders by enabling them to use those new found skills and confidence to help empower individuals greater self-confidence regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, age etc.

3 Promote greater individual participation in groups at all levels as a result of individual empowerment.

4 Enable groups to participate more widely in their communities, encouraging further individual self-empowerment with the support of group leaders.

5 Support efforts to change communities’ perceptions/actions regarding people with experience of mental distress, and in encouraging reflection on their own experience.

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