Wolfram|Alpha launch note


I believe Wolfram|Alpha launched via webinar last night (GMT speaking). Not being a search engine geek I thought I’d just quote the tweet from CannonGod:

CannonGod Wolfram|Alpha Feedback: ‘No Result’ page needs to lead to similar queries/simple results. Users are getting frustrated hitting a brick wall.

Just for fun then I tried looking up data on medical imaging; the results page returned a message to say it was under investigation, and gave the option to leave my email to register my interest: so not so bad a verdict from me!

4 thoughts on “Wolfram|Alpha launch note

  1. Thanks for the quote Stuart 🙂

    Sat through the Wolfram launch last night on Justin.tv which made for quite an exhilarating event. (Imagine if @NASA flight centre opened up to the internet and get live feedback)

    I made several tweets during the event which readers may find entertaining, along with several more feedback posts where I think the service could be taken: http://bit.ly/2PferP


  2. Nice one thanks Jake that’s great to have the link to the feedback posts.

    — NASA’s space shuttle Atlantis and Wolfram — two in one week!

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