Facebook, watch this space

Someone’s tried to set up an account using an email from my domain. I’m now getting friend confirmations based on that account. Hmm, so what does Facebook help centre say on the matter?

I received an account creation email, but I’m already registered.
If you have received a Facebook account confirmation email in error, it’s likely that someone has mistakenly attempted to register using your email address. As long as you do not click the link contained in the email, no action will be taken, and no account will be created.

But here’s the weird part I also have an email confirmation saying ‘Hi…’ your account has been created, even though I didn’t click the create confirmation link (or whatever the tech boys & girls in the back office call this activation event;-)

So just to be on the safe side I clicked on the report link in the email confirmation for the new account. What did I get, but an error. Watch this space?

Sorry, an error has occurred.
We’re working on getting this fixed as soon as we can.

One thought on “Facebook, watch this space

  1. That sounds weird. Why would someone register with someone else email address knowing that they could not click on the confirmation email? And yet you get Hi…’ your account has been created,(…). I’d be interested to find out more when you do.

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