Twitter vs Facebook?

Twitter climbs the ranks of popularity in 2009 — especially if you include traffic from mobile devices (which aren’t counted in this piece).

Facebook simplifies privacy settings, removes regional settings, and upsets the experts. But what do its users think?

Personally my take on this is simply to converge my identity to one username: stuartgh — for this blog (and new url, for Twitter, and following the vanity url release, for Facebook. That it turn brings up my real name so that people who want to network with me do so on that more personal identity.

Note that in Twitter the real name field is somewhat space restricted so I can’t write my middle name in full! I see they have an account on GetSatisfaction where I can log this as a change request, so here it is.

After all technology is supposed to do the integration for us, but as recent issue with the Twitter’s own Facebook api shows, it’s sometimes best to do the connecting for oneself!

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