Simple twitter measurements

Linked to the Twitter policy objectives in this new doc for UK Government departments, I like the range of methods to gather evidence of effectiveness:

  • Web analytics for [dept] and clickthroughs from URLs in our tweets (using – to track referrals from Twitter to our web pages
  • Twitter surveys – regular ‘straw poll’ surveys on Twitter to ask for feedback
  • Twitter data – the follower/following data presented in our Twitter account
  • Third party tools – analytics tools including measures based on re-tweeting (Retweet Radar; Twist); online reputation (Monitter, Twitter Grader); impact and influence (Twinfluence, Twittersheep); unfollowers (Qwitter)
  • Alert services – and other methods for tracking mentions of our stuff
  • Real time observation – and similar tools

Template Twitter Strategy for Government Departments

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