Twitter Updates for 2009-08-06

  • Hey actor from Galaxy Quest nice promtion to star in Moon, and with a Clint Mansell soundtrack: get link to the film Pi? Clint did it too. #
  • @RevzNexus Have you got a link to Intel on FB computing please? in reply to RevzNexus #
  • RT @google Google Apps helped the University of Notre Dame save $1.5M and increase satisfaction by 36%. Hear how: #
  • @RevzNexus nice, thanks. in reply to RevzNexus #
  • @RevzNexus I am but a humble community consultant, working to build on drupal for Sift in Bristol, UK. Agree about Zappos btw… in reply to RevzNexus #
  • @RevzNexus correct and thank you. in reply to RevzNexus #
  • @RevzNexus See & today's blog on the community challenge for member organisations for example. That's the vision thing… in reply to RevzNexus #
  • @RevzNexus thanks, trying to stay balanced and be positive. Right, better get some sleep with conf call with community tmrw… in reply to RevzNexus #
  • Drinking tea, enjoying the good weather… #
  • RT @OliBarrett 'Friends Reunited bought by Beano' makes for snappier line than 'Successful media business buys Geneaology and Dating assets' #
  • RT @David_Evans1 Getting ready for my FinReg21 interview of Terri Vaughan of NAIC on insurance tomorrow. Watch for the posting at http://bi #
  • RT @DowningStreet Government has announced that following the departure of Lord Carter, the Digital Britain report will be taken forward by #
  • RT @TheCR Post: The Iceberg Effect of Community Management – – How do you think about, prioritize, and articulate your ‘hidden #

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