An Abstract Framework for Modeling Argumentation in Virtual Communities

Found on the blog beamtenherrschaft, a research blog about information systems, complex networks, technology enhanced learning, social software, communities of practice, web 2.0 and more:

“Classic argumentative discussions can be found in a variety of domains from traditional scientific publishing to today’s modern social software. An interactive argumentative discussion usually consists of an initial proposition stated by a single creator and followed by supporting propositions or counter-propositions from other contributors, usually part of the same virtual community. Thus, the actual argumentation semantics is hidden in the content created by the contributors. In this article, the authors describe an abstract model for argumentation, which captures the semantics independently of the domain. Following a modularized approach, the authors also take into account additional important aspects of the argumentation and present a possible use of the framework in the context of virtual communities.”

To obtain a copy of the entire article, click on the link below (costs $30).

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