Solitaire, social media and consumer action

How do you get action over poor property management service? Use social media tools of course. Want an example where this has worked? Sure, go to TheTruthAbout: Solitaire & Peverel Property Management where people are using online tools from a purpose built website, presence on Facebook, and communication through RSS feeds, through to a No 10 Downing Street petition to publicise the belief that “companies like Peverel / Solitaire / County Estate Management should be held accountable for poor service, shoddy workmanship and overcharging”.

It appears they did see some improvement in service when it appeared the BBC TV consumer programme Watchdog was about to take the company to task, though recent posts on the website suggest the improvements are not consistently applied.

Interesting as the Shadow Housing Minister, Grant Shapps, started following me on Twitter today, he’s at @grantshapps btw. I wonder if he’d be interested in delving deeper into this sense of grievance, as I suspect that many leaseholders happen to be (a) In marginal constituencies (b) compose of a large proportion of swing votes.

Anyhow just a thought.

Disclaimer: Solitaire owns Freehold Managers PLC, with has yet to sort out my ground rent properly after two years since purchase of my property at the Cotton Mill in Leicester. Luckily my other (converted maltings) property in Bristol is rented off a v. friendly commercial lawyer!

Grant Shapps

2 thoughts on “Solitaire, social media and consumer action

  1. I have just been ‘digging’ into freehold managers as I have been having so much trouble with them regarding ground rent on an apartment. I have paid the previous freeholders, however FM say it is on me to supply proof of payment. My solicitor has done this several times. Below is a posting I put on, do you think we can get the BBC along for the fun!!

    I have been fighting these people for over six months. They originally sent me an arrears for ground rent Iasked them to prove their legitimacy. They did although were demanding monies (very rudely) that I had paid to my solicitors when originally taking possession of a leasehold property. My solicitor has sent them proof that all monies were paid. They are stll persisting and now have threatened court action. I am tendering a counter claim and can’t wait. I am going to get the Directors details from Companies house and serve the paperwork in person by an associate. I have asked him to film it so we can put it on youtube. I am then going to put the link on every single blog that will cover all possible subjects. Everyone can then see who’s really behind this company.

  2. Just to say Neil that after I’d written to Freehold Property Managers that I received a written apology last week to say they’d got the wrong address! So two years after buying the property my details are now finally in order. Thanks again for your contribution.

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