To go to the gym, or not?

Do I go to the gym or not, and how do I decide? I have to take my bike to the station as there is a strike today so maybe that means no to the gym as I’d need to make a long cycle across town from Vauxhall to Bank, to the gym at Tower 42. But then I remember there is another Bannatyne’s Gym at Milbank, which if my memory serves me correctly is not far from Vauxhall. So maybe it would be go to go tonight, after all not many people will be there, because of the strike.

So I then think of how to take my gym gear with me on the short cycle trip to Vauxhall, and think about the extra bulk. Then I remember I need to take my laptop with me as I have it from the weekend. Plus I need to take an extra lock for the bike, and its better to put that in the bag too. And so it seems like it’s not a good idea to go to the gym after all. I can go for a run tonight instead. And go to the gym tomorrow.

And so that’s how I decided whether to go to the gym tonight, or not..

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