How to Build an Online Community Using Rich and Social Media

The summary for my BrightTALK webinar on 12 October 15 November, below. I believe we already have 70 150 subscribers, so please join the party – starts 9am!

I will look at both how to use rich and social media within your community to add more engagement; and how to use social tools externally to reach out to potential new members. But the business bottom line is that you’re investing time and money in using the new tools because they add value for the end user, so they feel amazing, and come back for more.

I’m a great believer in only using social & rich media where it supports the growth strategy to build your online community. Set in this context the kind of tools and when you deploy them depends on what’s going to appeal to community members. For example a B2B community for accountants may initially involved relatively little rich social media, except for the opportunity to share the content externally.

It’s all too easy for community managers to launch communities with all the bells and whistles, without considering whether they are wanted by members in any depth. As well as strategy this underlines the need for proper analytics which show where you’re being successful, and where you need to make greater efforts.

I should know, having set up a YouTube channel at it gained a lot of appreciation from my colleagues, but attracted few visits as it was tactically rather than strategically led. So please learn from my experience, and consider the strategically-led approach to using rich media within your community, and externally to reach out to new members, outlined in this webinar.

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