Facebook Page campaign with added PR oomph!

Just wanted to share a brief 9 slide presentation of the 4 week Facebook Page campaign I ran at Shopping.com, which for a modest investment of less than £1K returned over 5.5K ‘Likes’ and over 1.3K survey respondents – earning great online and offline PR. A big thanks to PayPal UK and to Dinesh for helping make it happen.

The trick was combining the Apple iPhone 4 offer in a visually dynamic email which included the call to action to complete the fun social shopping survey. We did not make it mandatory to complete the survey in order to take part in the giveaway as is often the case, in order to keep that spirit of customer engagement strong!

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BTW of course it really helps if you wear the right kind of cool shoes when creating a cool campaign. I went with Converse!

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