Two types of user issues?

OK, just because I’m hiding out at the BCS why not start a list of examples under the following fun headings?

User issue type 1: Technical issue

User issue type 2: Design issue
Example 1: To set up a new ringtone on your HTC Desire is easy. Except because the way the phone interface is designed it’s not obvious that there is a slider which you need to access to view all the available ringtones.

User issue type 3: Confusion between design and technical

more white text:-)

2 thoughts on “Two types of user issues?

  1. I dont understand the folks that say “aw this is this or that and its crap”. NEWSFLASH Einstein’s, all you have to do is not click on it, watch something else!!! Or, if your mouse and computer has a mind of its own and puts it on and you dont want it on turn your computer off and make a warranty claim with the manufacturer.

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