Ahead in the Cloud with Amazon Web Services

Matt’s presentation from the BCS Internet SG meeting in Sept 2010 (Ahead in the Cloud with Amazon Web Services/PDF, 9.3MB).

“Since 2006, Amazon Web Services have been providing on demand, pay-as-you-go infrastructure to businesses of all sizes. This talk will introduce Amazon’s cloud platform and discuss how organisations can make use of Amazon’s massive scale and operational experience to iterate quickly and build highly scalable services.

“Your presenter, Matt Wood, is the Technology Evangelist for Amazon Web Services, where he discusses the technical and business aspects of cloud computing at events throughout Europe and with teams of all sizes.

“With a background in the life sciences, and a PhD in Bioinformatics, Matt has previously built web-scale search engines at Cornell University, genes in Hinxton and was responsible for the software that drives next generation DNA sequencing platforms. Matt is an advocate of agile development, big data analysis and the productivity benefits of elastic computing.”


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