Fun social dating mobile game

Title of the app: Late to Date?

Elevator pitch – the clock is ticking:

  • A mobile app where guess if your date is going to be late or on time.
  • Win points (like spread betting) depending how close you are, either early or late.
  • Works for both men and women to play:-)
  • Win more points the further away in the future you guess your date will arrive! So few points if you guess they are only 5 minutes away..
  • To avoid gaming through social learning points start to decrease the more regularly accurate you are!
  • Points increase again though if you switch to fractions of a minute to make your bet – then you’re in ‘date heaven’.
  • Promote the app with a community dedicated to tips for your first date, tales of dating hell and dating heaven.

OK, so maybe I am being a bit tongue in cheek but it shows there are plenty of everyday offline activities which can be turned into a potentially fun social mobile game just waiting to be developed.

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