The simplest community manager training plan ever

OK, is this is simplest ever community manager training plan you’ve ever read? Note, this is designed for  a one-off one day workshop, with a couple of people new to community management.

1. Essentials of online community management:

  • Prerequisites of growing a successful community
  • Tactics for supporting member conversations – seeding discussions; rituals & events; content and curation using a mix of user generated media; rewards and recognition; responding to first timers;
  • The importance of top contributors – why & how to nurture them
  • Dealing with conflict – value of a community guide; how to moderate; why and how criticism can be good for your community and the insights created
  • How to develop community over the course of the year – the value of champions; what success looks like

2. Creating a daily/weekly community management plan

3. How to measure and record community insights, both qualitative ‘golden nuggets’ and quantitative.


1 thought on “The simplest community manager training plan ever

  1. Dear Stuart Hall,
    Maybe a little off topic, however, Business is not perfect. Every employer faces internal problems that include employee differences, unmet company expectations and lack of productivity to name just a few. Unfortunately, these problems eventually land back on the desks of the organization’s leadership team. No matter how distasteful handling these issues may be, they must be addressed.
    Catch you again soon!

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