How Lands’ End’s customers are changing the fashion industry

Three short paragraphs I happened across today which highlights how Lands’ End customers are helping change the fashion industry:

“In November 2009, Lands’ End launched a new line called “Lands’ End Canvas,” which offers a more fashion-oriented selection of casual clothing for men and women. The line is doing very well, both in terms of sales and its social media mojo.

“In fact, Canvas’ social media successes have had a significant impact on Lands’ End as a whole. Social media is making everything about Lands’ End’s approach to business is tighter and leaner.

“Lands’ End is actively listening to its customers, which is creating tighter feedback loops between its customers and product development team, thereby enabling the company to move towards monthly product introductions versus the seasonal cadence that has dominated the fashion industry since its earliest days.”

Quote taken from Harry Joiner at’s online JD, for the position of VP of Digital Marketing at Lands’ End.

Business trivia: Lands’ End UK’s factory shop in rural Rutland is a stone’s throw from Rutland Electric Fencing; owned by Woodstream, the US company that sells the famous Victor mousetrap – as pictured below!


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