Witty comment on customer expectations

Saw this witty comment on people’s expectations around products on an Engadget piece┬áregarding the new Google TV launch:

Man people go off-topic fast… can’t we just comment on the actual product instead of making useless comparisons?

“Get an Xbox instead because of X & Y”
“Instead of an Xbox get a PS3, because it offers Z & X”
“Yea but why a PS3 when you can just get XBMC, you can do Y & Z”
“Forget XBMC, just get Plex because it does W & T”
“Or just get an iPad w/ HDMI so you can do Z & W”
“Ew don’t get an iPad, get a Transformer Prime because W & Z”
“Or get a computer, since it does X, Y, Z, O, M, G, S, T, F, U”
“A computer can’t move, get a car because it seats at least 4 people”

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