The difference between how customers and industry think and speak

Customer lingo:

“’Cause you see. doesn’ nobody really know that it’s a God, y’know, ‘cause I mean I have seen black gods, pink gods, white gods. all color gods, and don’t nobody know it really a God. An’ when they be sayin’ if you good, you goin’ t’heaven, tha’s bullshit, ‘cause you ain’t goin’ to no heaven, ‘cause it ain’t no heaven for you to go to.

Industry-type language:

1. Everyone has a different idea of what God is like.

2. Therefore nobody really knows God exists.

3. If there is a heaven, it was made by God.

4. If God doesn’t exist he/she couldn’t have made heaven.

5. Therefore heaven doesn’t exist.

6. You can’t go to somewhere that doesn’t exist.

There’s a nice recent example of this in my post ‘Witty comment on customer expectations’ which expresses this from a product selection angle. I suggest one bridge between how customers and industry think and speak is the effective use of social media. Helps if you use a tool like Radian6 to understand what a customer sees in a product, not just the product engineers. For example does that new camera hit the sweet spot because of the technical superiority of the sensor on its own – or because it’s the sensor + coupled with the wifi functionality + coupled with sharing with mates?

I am reading Eric’s book while getting my head shaved and all you can do is laugh?


One thought on “The difference between how customers and industry think and speak

  1. OK, thanks to a tweet today, a little update focusing on a way to connect how customers ‘thinslice’ lots of information to find what they want, and how in their own way how business ‘thinslice’ data using tools like dashboards to clearly display & share actionable data. The first approach uses intuition to ‘find the needle in the haystack’, the second uses data visualization to find the ‘golden nuggets’.

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