Why are movies so much more fun to make fun of than television?

I posted up MacGuffin on the ideas platform Toucan today, with a nice summary I wanted to share, with the benefit of some additional links:

An app to share whatever comes into your head after you’ve seen a film!

MacGuffin is all about creating connections in a film you watch, the more trivial the better!

It’s a really a game using your imagination, the hunt for the oddly significant in a film, which everyone else thinks is simply trivial.

Try the game yourself. Try watching ‘The Shining’, Kubrick’s classic horror film. Is it really about fake moon landings, and why is the pewter tankard on the hotelier’s desk my MacGuffin? Go figure. Let us know!

You see MacGuffin is not another movie review app. It’s an app for people who want to share what they see in a film, not what the director or the critics want you to see…

See the presentation created for the app MVP, created by Leicester DMU graduates Krishna & Avinash.

Monetization opportunities exist in the possible gamification of movie product placement created by this app, and the associated global mobile community. Think the humorous use of mini-Tardis placed in different studios in the run up to the 50th anniversary of Dr Who, but then with an app designed to gamify such placement.

PS: A short scene from Comedians in Cars Having Coffee (09:21-09:39) neatly points why the magic of MacGuffin works so well.

Jerry Seinfeld: “Why are movies so much more fun to make fun of than television?”
Joel Hodgson: “They’re aspiring to present God’s point of view, this is life, in all it’s fury”
Jerry Seinfeld:”Did you like Avatar?”
Joel Hodgson:”I did!”

The MacGuffin MVP created by Leicester DMU graduate students Krishna Yakkala and Venkata Chowdary:

The customer questionnaire supporting the MVP creation:

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