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Hello Employer,

The government is making it easier for small and medium sized businesses to win public sector contracts

The public sector spends £187 billion each year on goods and services, and the Government wants to work with more small and medium sized businesses (SMEs).

We know SMEs offer value for money and services just as good as big companies, so we want to make sure you can successfully compete for our business.

That’s why we’ve changed the way government buys goods and services, to make the process easier for everyone.  So what’s changed?

  • All public sector contracts will be advertised in one place – ‘Contracts Finder’, this includes pipelines, not just existing contracts
  • We’re breaking down big contracts into smaller ones, making it easier for SMEs to bid for them
  • We’re removing complicated questionnaires and forms
  • You will get paid within 30 days – through the entire supply chain.

Interested?  Watch Piers Linney’s (BBC Dragon’s Den) tips on winning public sector contracts here.

Don’t delay.  Find out more at: GOV.UK – A guide to doing business with government

A Walsh

Alison Walsh

Head of Digital Support for Business and Agents

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