Congrats to Channel 4 winning live coverage of Richard III reinterment

Good to hear Channel 4 has beaten the BBC to provide live coverage of the King Richard III reinterment on Thursday 26 March (see RT piece ‘BBC left scratching its head after C4 snaps up Richard III burial show’ for more).

It was of course in pole position after its documentaries on finding the ‘king under a car park’ in Leicester.

So in case it’s of interest below is their initial response (26 August 2012 email reply) to a group effort I took part in to try to persuade the broadcaster to cover the royal archaeological exploration:

Dear Stuart,

Thank you for contacting Channel 4 Viewer Enquiries.

Unfortunately, we do not have any plans to make a documentary based on a search for Richard III’s remains; however, please be assured that your comments have been passed on to our Commissioning Department so that they are aware of the interest this would receive.

Thank you again for taking the time to contact us here at Channel 4 and for your interest in our programming.


Grace Dawson

Channel 4 Viewer Enquiries


3 thoughts on “Congrats to Channel 4 winning live coverage of Richard III reinterment

  1. Problem is Channel four will not have international internet coverage as it is geographically block while BBC live streams are available elsewhere.

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