Name that place – the elevator pitch – and the pivot

So what’s the Name That Place all about? The elevator pitch is this – a simple game of ‘i-spy’ but brought u to date by playing with your mobile or computer. Looking at i-spy from the online p.o.v., it came with a ready made container – a car or a room; and a ready made community of players, passengers or fiends.  And with mobile phones, mobile apps, and geo-tagging the possibilities technically mean theory an online Name that Place is superficially attractive to a wide range of people in a wide range of settings. But in reality it would only convert from the potential to the engaged game if people start to use it.

So how do you get proof of concept, through people using it? It’s already been shown to work in Barnaby’s home town in Sandbach through his Facebook Page. That’s because it was also with a limited container of 100 participants who all knew someone who knew someone.

So as per Facebook’s genesis take-up is down to a shared social network to compete with and a shared physical environment from which to source the pics.

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