How to calculate two different types of bets

Here are my back of the envelope calculations on my gambling last night, where I had two different types to weigh up.

The first, to make a bet on Betfair to back Leicester vs Chelsea, gave me a ‘Back’ ratio of 3.5, which meant for a £10 bet if Leicester won, I would get £35 back, a profit of £25.

However, in real life, when I checked my account I had to set up a card to make the bet. And I had to weigh that time and mental focus on the value of sorting out an Amazon delivery issue, where it looked likely if a Fire 7 tablet was delivered to my property in Leicester it would be stolen (a previous item was already lost). So I went with returning the tablet option, and got a refund, which surpassed what I would have got from the bet:

Bet consideration summary:
At 3.5 to back Leicester – so worth the risk; though social media chatter suggests fans think it’s likely be a draw; other factors include both teams’ line-up unaltered.

Decision making process:
Decided not to make the bet because focus effort on sorting out Amazon, rather than setting up a new debit card on Betfair. But made £38.57 on return of Amazon tablet, vs £25 on bet profit I would have made!

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