Join the Revolution! – video excerpts from March 9th NYC event

Mayande’s intro of history of OpenCT (7 mins)
History and how by combining Proof of Stake and Proof of Duration to we provide a more balanced and democractic approach to mining.

Moustafa Amin on Baat (18.5 mins)

Jeff on BD WAN (13 mins)

Tokenomics with Moustafa – how mining production work (14.5 mins)

Live Q & A

Q: Complaint is OpenCT with SEC and FINMAR regulations?

Q: How are enterprise end clients going to pay for the services?

Q: How secure is your service?

Q: When are you bringing the product to market and what’s the competition?

Q: Who will you partner with, and what platform will the tokens trade on?

Q: Who can participate in the crowdsale?

Q: What are the top 3 risk factors?

Q; What is the cost saving in using the VX LAN tech and how can the consumer benefit?

Q: Webinar questions
Is there an intention to enable carrier to carrier SD WAN?

Q: What makes OCT unique, why couldn’t these services be delivered with existing currencies?

Q: What kind of upgrades are required for existing SD WAN deployment? DO you need a token for every transaction?

  • Details of the weekly Q & A webinars for investors and technophiles here.

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