Just another funnel marketing post!

Peter Nyiri of Funnel Xpert recently got in touch with a link to an interesting article on how to fix your marketing funnel.

It inspired me to check my own attempt on funnel marketing. I found this presentation from just before I joined the blockchain space in mid 2017, which I pitched to image marketplace Picfair. In fact one other thing I like about it, to use as material to review conversion theory with the help of Peter’s article, is the use of pics I took in Brazil ten years previously for the presi slide backgrounds!

One of the best thing about the meeting in a corner of Shoreditch with Picfair CEO Benji Lanyado was sharing my ideas on how to grow the business, learned while working in a growth marketing role at B2B software business Causeway Technologies. (One of my favourite growth hack exercises there was getting all the team at an offsite working to come up with the smallest change they reckoned would have the biggest impact!) 

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