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The current bear market offers experienced and novice investors the chance to gain valuable knowledge about the cryptocurrency industry and lay the groundwork for future success. Unfortunately, many investors lack the knowledge of where to look and what resources to use to help them make profitable decisions. BigONE has put together a list of resources to prepare our investors for the months ahead. What it does not include are any of the top crypt news sites such as Cointelegraph and CoinDesk, which you can find reviewed here. In addition, due to the industry’s recent rapid growth, data analysis is as much a part of research as finding and following the top crypto influencers. In this article , we’ll review the best sources of crypto information and analysis and provide a short review of how helpful they are for investors and traders.

Dune Analytics: Dune is an on-chain Ethereum-based analytical tool that makes crypto data freely accessible and available in real-time. Dune is open-source and open to anybody looking to access and create their own crypto trends data. As a blockchain analyst, you can create custom queries to fetch data, visualize the results of these queries, and then tell stories with your data using dashboards. “With v2, we’ve focused on speed and efficiency, which translates to a far more scalable system with better data ingestion. This means we’ll be able to integrate more new chains, faster,” confirmed Dune CEO and Co-Founder Fredrik Haga, following a May 2022 upgrade to the platform.

Token Terminal: Aimed more at institutional clients Token Terminal is a platform aggregating financial data on leading blockchains and various decentralized applications. It extracts data from multiple different blockchains and transforms this data into standardized and comparable business metrics. It allows you to discover potentially undervalued blockchains and decentralized applications, chart their historical performance using several financial and alternative metrics and assess a project’s performance against its competitors to make more informed investment decisions. It’s free dashboard tracks metrics on the top L1 blockchains and L2 DApps.“We want to measure and evaluate the performance of blockchains and dapps using financial key performance indicators and correct the misunderstanding—where applicable—of crypto being all about currencies. An increasing amount of blockchains and dapps can be valued by measuring their usage and cash flows,” Token Terminal explained.

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Source: Token Terminal/CT article, July 15, 2022

Defi Llama: DeFi Llama is a transparent analytics tool that tracks the total volume locked across DeFi protocols across various blockchains. In addition, it also presents updates as regards new DeFi protocols and different DeFi services, including staking and yield farming. According to their website: “Our data is fully open-source and maintained by a team of passionate individuals and contributors from hundreds of protocols. We track over 800 DeFi protocols from over 80 different blockchains.”

DappRadar: DappRadar is an essential platform for exploring DApp data. There are over 9000 dapps, 30+ protocols, and an audience of over one million monthly users. In addition, DappRadar offers comprehensive reports on new DApps, emerging projects, portfolio tools, and upcoming airdrops.

CryptoRank: A crypto market data aggregation and analytics platform. It analyzes IDO/IEO past, present, and future performance, enables you to set up trade alerts, and also provides a handy news aggregator. Plus, it includes a tool to allow you to display all your portfolio holdings in one dashboard. Mobile app launched in July, including “market data, token sale insights, watchlists and #DeFi portfolio tracker built to help you analyze the crypto market.”

DeepDAO: Launched February 2020, Tel Aviv-based DeepDAO is a platform that helps categorize the various DAOs on the blockchain. DAO listings, financial, and governance data visualization are all reported on DeepDAO. It also includes a leaderboard of people ranked by a ‘dao score’ which shows the number of DAOs they are involved with, votes, proposals, and top tokens. There’s an impressive list of DAO resources too.Graphical user interface Description automatically generated with medium confidence

“DeepDAO founder and CEO Eyal Eithcowich told Decrypt that the idea for DeepDAO came while as a member of the Genesis Alpha DAO. He said he wanted to see the inner workings of the DAO’s governance, primary voters, who creates the most proposals, who is voting and with whom, and who is winning and losing.” A search engine launched in early 2022 allows its users to easily find the information they want.

CryptoSlam: A leading NFT aggregator, collecting and analyzing data for millions of NFTs across 15+ blockchains: “Our analysis and tools are used by hundreds of thousands of NFT enthusiasts to find and invest in a broad range of NFT collections. At the forefront of the Web3 revolution, we’re developing the most comprehensive view of NFTs in the world.”In May 2022 the team introduced a brand new sister-property called DroppingNow. “On DroppingNow, we’re introducing the concept of ‘all-in Dutch auctions’. Everything is going to zero and sellers can’t cancel the auctions. At launch we’re supporting Ethereum, Polygon and Avalanche with more to come. It’s bold, it’s different, and it may take a little while to get the hang of. But once you do, we’re confident that you won’t be able to take your eyes off of it.”

CoinShares: CoinShares is a research platform that measures the inflow and outflow of digital assets by institutional investors, i.e., the purchase and sale of digital assets by traditional finance institutions: “The CoinShares Group is a pioneer in digital asset investing. Our team launched the world’s first regulated bitcoin investment fund in 2014, offered the world’s first bitcoin based securities on a regulated exchange in 2015, and have built investment firms in commodities, precious metals, and now digital assets.” Includes in-depth expert research and insights focused on the crypto landscape as well as weekly reports.

Dove Metrics: Provides insights on fundraising in the cryptocurrency space, including details of active fund portfolios, and access to published research. Service includes a weekly Dove Dispatch report on funding news and stats.

Nansen: Nansen is another helpful blockchain analytics platform that uses on-chain data to tag the wallets of seasoned investors, or “whales” in cryptocurrency parlance so that retail investors can replicate their holdings and invest in the same projects after conducting due diligence: “After years of working with blockchain data, we found that many of our clients wanted the same thing: to know more about the wallets that are transacting on-chain. So we started building Nansen in 2019 to address this need, and have quickly become a leading provider of data and analytics for Ethereum.”Resources include a series of quarterly reports on NFTS and blockchains, through to a wallet provider dashboard which provides metrics on any wallet address in the Nansen 101 section. “The best feature is “Smart Money” – these are profiles that have demonstrated a history of kicking ass. (Such as funds and first movers) Use it to see what smart money’s buying, and get in before the YouTubers start making videos.” @thedefiedge

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Other useful resources

  1. Coinmetrics: Coin metrics organize crypto data, making it accessible and transparent. Coinmetric can also be integrated with other DeFi applications.
  2. Glassnode: Glassnode is the world’s leading on-chain and financial metrics platform for Bitcoin and other digital assets.
  3. Hyperspace: Hyperspace is an NFT marketplace, aggregator, launchpad, portfolio tracker, and real-time floor prices on the Solana ecosystem, one of the world’s leading blockchain.
  4. Ycharts: Ycharts is an investment research platform that helps analyze securities, build portfolios, and give real-time updates on investment opportunities.
  5. Santiment Feed: Santiment provides on-chain and social metrics for over 2000+ cryptocurrencies. In addition, it also aids developers in the space with up-to-date data. “Sanbase allows you to combine prices with other behaviors. You can see price + development activity + social trends. (and many other indicators)”
  6. Landindex: Landindex is a metaverse data analytics tool that helps businesses and investors understand the value of land in the Metaverse. Landindex provides a comprehensive overview of land price, ownership, and investment across Metaverses.
  7. Blockpour: Blockpour is a DeFi data-aggregation analytics platform that brings real-time decentralized data across multiple networks to view, compare, and track token data.
  8. CoinGecko: This service analyzes the cryptocurrency market fundamentally. CoinGecko tracks community growth, significant events, and on-chain metrics of the DeFi ecosystem in addition to cryptocurrency’s price, volume, and market capitalization.
  9. Messari: “I’d describe Messari as a swiss army knife. • Charts • Price Data • Research Reports • Community Screeners One of the best values in Crypto at $25/month.” @thedefiedge
  10. Fear & Greed Index: “Your Twitter feed is tricky. What if you’re following a bunch of bulls, and they’re always optimistic. I check the fear & greed index to get a better idea of how the market feels.” @thedefiedge
  11. CryptoPanic: This news aggregator platform provides a feed of the daily events occurring in the crypto and blockchain world in real time.

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