Improving on my 1999 ‘Less is more’ empowerment essay with #AI help

I asked ChatGPT to give sugestions on how to improve on the 1999 essay. Here’s what I got:

The paper presents an interesting perspective on the idea of people’s intuitive “chaos” understanding of the world, which can be compared to non-linear science. The paper draws on the work of Paulo Freire, who found that teaching illiterate people using a theory and action based on love helped them to overcome their powerlessness and learn to read and write. The author argues that a non-linear science of empowerment based on people’s intuitive chaos understanding can help people overcome their fears and lack of confidence.

However, the paper would benefit from more concrete examples and references to support its claims. For instance, it would be useful to provide more evidence of people’s intuitive understanding of chaos and how it can be harnessed for empowerment. The paper could also benefit from exploring other related concepts, such as complexity theory, which could help to provide a more comprehensive understanding of the topic.

Some additional sources that could be helpful in developing this paper further include:

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