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A Few Resources To Help You Prosper In Crypto

The current bear market offers experienced and novice investors the chance to gain valuable knowledge about the cryptocurrency industry and lay the groundwork for future success. Unfortunately, many investors lack the knowledge of where to look and what resources to use to help them make profitable decisions. BigONE has put together a list of resources to prepare our investors for the months ahead. What it does not include are any of the top crypt news sites such as Cointelegraph and CoinDesk, which you can find reviewed here. In addition, due to the industry’s recent rapid growth, data analysis is as much a part of research as finding and following the top crypto influencers. In this article , we’ll review the best sources of crypto information and analysis and provide a short review of how helpful they are for investors and traders.

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Why Understanding Token Utility Is Key to Finding Real Value

It feels a little like the heady days of the ICO boom of 2017/18 again with the rise of meme tokens, which have captured crypto investor’s attention following DogeCoin’s 14,000% rise in value in the first six months of 2021. Back in the ICO boom scores of crypto projects backed by little more than whitepapers and a compelling story pulled in newbie investors keen to benefit from the spectacular gains on offer. When the ICO market collapsed, and the lack of any real utility for most of these tokens became clear, as well as leaving people out of pocket it also left a question mark over the long-term value of crypto ventures.

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