Defenseless is the best choice for those seeking to [really] grow

There’s a great blog post from Seth Godin, The opposite of ‘defenseless’ which concludes with the radical sounding thought: “Defenseless is the best choice for those seeking to grow.” I couldn’t agree more, except for one thing, in reality maybe life doesn’t work like that?

I know what I’m talking about, I’ve used that method to grow. So while in abstract it’s true, in reality if you follow that method you’re going to be assaulted and undermined by people who just want the well-trodden path of life.

Of course maybe that’s just why the method works, it encourages people to attack and criticize you when you are defenseless, and in turn that gives you the fuel for grow. You just have to ‘hang on in there’.

See, there is a happy ending to this blog post:-)


MacGuffin MVP testing proposal

MVP testing is taking place in partnership with De Montfort University, Leicester.

Vision: a mobile app to inspire people to easily and simply create a short video of their experience after watching a movie/film.

Aim: the aim of this project is to discover whether the concept and the MVP created with developer used to test that, will demonstrate there is an app worth progressing from a user perspective.

Background: please see the two brief presentations which laid the groundwork for understanding the value of a social app that creates social ‘buzz’ around a movie from a company viewpoint.

The key to unlocking success lies essentially in elevating positive buzz about a film before it premiers and to sustain this beyond the first weekend opening weekend for as long as possible. And for a social tool which can be rolled out cross-market to further optimise global social media marketing ROI in the form of ticket sales.

Challenge: from a bottom up pov there are a number of well-known movie review sites such as Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB, which originated in Bristol UK. What they lack is a real focus on the individual moviegoer’s personal perspective on the film they have seen, in Vine like style!

MacGuffin app: what the MacGuffin aims to do is give people the opportunity to create a short video straight after watching a film, and share that with their friends and the wider MacGuffin community.

It’s is intentionally both a movie review app and a way to express whatever you felt after watching a film, whether trivial or not, the movie is a powerful means to inspire an emotional response, so why not have the opportunity in the same medium to record your own response?

Testing: to date a prototype or MVP to use the jargon of the lean startup model has been created. This simply allows for more rigorous testing of the concept, the aim of this project.

Currently, clips are created using the Instagram video facility and then imported automatically into the MacGuffin app using the #MacGuffin2013 hashtag, and the individual #moviename hashtag.

We believe this is sufficient to allow people using the Instragram mobile app to record their feelings after seeing a movie, and to tag and share this.