Lights, camera, action

“Video footage caught by a commuter’s dashboard camera, a precaution used by many drivers against corrupt traffic police, showed a bright light and vapour trail blazing across the sky”. Saw the commuter’s video, and then laughed at the comment on The Independent’s website as the conspiracy theorists turned out en mass to imagine today’s meteor shower in Russia, was really a missile attack:

“It will come as a complete surprise to a slackwitted idiot like yourself, but meteorites and missiles have entirely different trajectories, velocities, and various other scientific quantities involving long words and difficult concepts which are probably beyond the capabilities of your watery excuse for a brain so I won’t bother.”

Social serendipity in real-time


Searching through case studies from Sony’s social summit earlier this year (only now do I have the time to read them!) I came across a nice deck on how Sony Music Entertainment promoted a song by Willie Nelson and Snoop Dog, to their respective fans.

And particularly liked the fact that ‘influencer promotion’ was key to success, along with timeliness of the launch and campaign novelty, not to mention the #thinslicing fact that “better tracking analytics would have lead to more intuitive data on users”.

However, as I have recently been talking with Chris Arnold at Awedience about the potential of his product I was drawn to the phrase “Real-time key influencer engagement” as a factor in the campaign.

So I did a search in with that term and on the first page an article on The Power of Influencer Marketing and Social Media stood out as both recent (Sept 2012) and ’cause it contained all the relevant keywords – influencer and real-time.

And what do you know, when I clicked on the link the piece by SeanClark is about the power of Chris’s real time influencer marketing product. Not to mention the fact that the process of discovery was a nice example of serendipity too.