How to turn Facebook fans into customers?

Interesting new development to help turn Facebook fans into customers:

Facebook tools up!

Facebook is taking steps to boost ad spending directly through brand pages, while also giving marketers new tools for managing their presence on the social network. The social network has rolled out promoted posts to extend the reach of page content, as well as providing companies different access levels to their Facebook pages internally.

Promoted posts allow Facebook page administrators to boost exposure for their posts beyond the normal reach they get in fans’ news feeds — and without having to go through a separate ad dashboard. Facebook, however, doesn’t specify how much larger a percentage of a brand’s fans will see a post that’s promoted.

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Well one already practiced method used to good effect  by online betting provider Paddy Power is to use Sponsored Stories, which also artificially raise the number of people who will see the post, while still retaining the benefits of social content. The basic on a brief slideshare taken from the Adobe Summit 2012 for Sony EU:

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Plus other useful resources via e-mint:
  • Cathy Ma: “Techlightenment is another company that has done extensive research on the value of fans  (but obviously is incentivised as they are a social engagement/ads optimisation/analytics consultancy).”
  • Mecca Ibrahim: Or simply check out ‘Quantifying the Value of a Facebook Fan: Forrester Analyst Report April 2012’ if you prefer a nice pdf to read at bedtime.