Coronal Mass Ejections anyone?

If you are a sci-fi fan like me and dared to watch the new two-parter ‘Supernova’ you may have felt a little worried about the prospect of our sun losing the plot and frying the Earth. Or did you get Earth-frying envy? If so try out this lovely interactive where you get the chance to zap the Earth and surrounding planets with a CME – or Coronal Mass Ejections if you prefer. Just remember to wait until the black sunspot points to your target before letting fly.

Real Science – Encouraging experimentation and investigation in school science learning

Yesterday’s NESTA report into the worrying state of science experimentation in UK schools made me smile:

“The opportunities for science enquiry learning, in particular more open-ended forms of practical experimental work, continue to be inhibited by familiar issues. These include resourcing, time, concerns about health and safety, and the perceived restrictions of curricula and assessment systems..Yet this research shows that more innovative and creative approaches to science education can support the achievement of curriculum learning objectives, and encourage learners to consider further study in science.”

I mean surely, that was why Andy set up Crocodile Clips and others like him to provide educational software to enable scientific experimentation? I’ll just  have to be patient and ask him when I next get to see him at BETT in January. In the meantime a free Galilean thermometer to the first person who can tell me my connection to ‘Croc Clips’ beyond  once advising Andy on usability issues (btw the usual competition disclaimers apply)?