Lean Start-Uppers?

OK so I v.quickly listened to the audio book version of Eric Ries book ‘The Lean StartUp’. What key points as a non-techie, but as a social media/social sci guy stand out for me?

1. The 5 ‘Y’s – asking 5 questions to get to the root of the problem, not the surface issue:-)

2. The value of having  a common theory to share.

3. The fact that when the approach works, that production actually appears to get worse before it gets better so you need to state that up front.

4. Er, can’t remember the rest but the thematic difference between small and large batch production and what that means throughout the production approach is pretty fundamental, of course..

PS: There’s a useful 88 page study of entrepreneurship (PDF, 4.3MB) I came across a couple of months ago from the Babson Entrepreneur Experience Lab: “This first look at the observations and insights gleaned from engaging over 250 entrepreneurs launching ventures here in the United States offers a glimpse into their everyday lives. We hope their experiences will begin to evolve our understanding of entrepreneurship—to tell new stories that can shape new realities for entrepreneurs of all kinds.”

here is white text:-)