Trainspotter badge, Level 8!

Congrats! Your recent check-in at Barking Railway Station (BKG) just unlocked the Trainspotter badge, Level 8!

From the MTA to the Tube, the Shinkansen to the Trans-Siberian, you’ve ridden them all (or will someday)! Here’s to the beauty of public transit, and to always giving up your seat for the pregnant, elderly, and backpackers who haven’t showered in a week.

That’s 35 different spots! Check in to 5 more to unlock Level 9. You sure know how to get around!

To see all the badges you’ve unlocked so far, click here:

Great work. Keep it up!
– Your friends @ foursquare

Ropeworks, Barking

News just in from our Shirley, we’re moving into the Ropeworks in central Barking in early September, which has the main library in the basement. Time to start reading books again?

Full spec of the regeneration for Barking centre square here; Muf architecture art were commissioned to design a new Town Square for Barking, which is designated as one of the Mayor of London’s 100 Public Spaces.