24 hour Twitter people

From Bristol East MP Kerry McCarthy..

OK, still only semi-Twitterate, even after my briefing from Sam at the Pervasive Media Studio on Friday, but things are happening…

On February 12th it’s the anniversary of Twitter, and Bristol will be celebrating in style – have a look at http://twitter.com/bristwestival and Bristol Twestival on Facebook for info. It’s for a good cause, charity:water, and it’s a party, so what more do you need to persuade you? I assume some Twittering will be involved too… or is it Tweeting? Sam did tell me… He also explained what pervasive media was, but let’s just say I’m not quite ready to answer questions on that yet. Sounds like they have fun though.

New, new town

Thanks to everyone who’s sent their good wishes for my new community consultancy role with Sift, in Bristol. It was excellent experience setting up ION online communities at the ICAEW, which I aim to put to good use for my new clients.

My one remaining thought to help IT Counts achieve ‘take-off’ and move from to the next stage is two-fold. Firstly, promote the login integration with the corporate site. Secondly, couple that with explicit news that the ‘consent to be contacted by MS’ is removed from the sign-up process. Of course there are plenty of other things that are needed to achieve sustainability. Coming up with a compelling reason to sign up and take part is part of that.