Do you know the Darwinian connection between Christ’s and Murray Edwards College, Cambridge?

So I hear Grove Lodge, once the home of Charles Darwin’s wife Emma Darwin, could be demolished to make way for a bigger car park. As a visitor to Grove Lodge in the mid 1980’s I’d like to raise an issue, particularly as I also was an undergraduate at Christ’s College, Charles Darwin’s very own college.

Indeed Christ’s in 2009 celebrate the unique experience of Darwin the student with the public opening of his student rooms and an unveiling of a specially commissioned bronze sculpture of “Darwin as a young man contemplating the origin of our existence”. Yep, looks kind of serious doesn’t he?

Anyhow with  ‘Murray Edwards College’ embarking on what appears to be what they regard as ‘environmental improvements’ I wonder if now’s a good time to ask the college authorities to take a closer look at their collection of valuable oil paintings in formal hall. I believe one at least was accidentally decorated during a mid-1980s food fight; but due to the artist’s post-modern choice of colours managed to successfully camouflage the additional textures until now? The organic matter will still be present, and no doubt represents a health hazard after all these years!

PS: Latest news suggests the threat of demolition has been averted while plans for an art gallery are being considered. Finger’s crossed.