Body Wisdom – Interplay of Body and Ego

‘Body Wisdom – Interplay of Body and Ego’ – new book by Ken Bausch. A few details below..

Body is wiser than Ego.
Ego is cleverer than Body.
When Ego catches Body’s tune, a song happens.
When Ego catches Body’s intuition, magic happens.
An idea is born.

When we focus with our hearts on troubling questions, our unconscious comes through for us. Open questions posed to the unconscious act as the strange attractors of chaos theory. They enable the creative speech of discovery.

In this book, you will explore how your ego rises from your body through language. You will appreciate how the creative thinking enabled by body–ego interplay builds your personality overtime. The personal and social realms you create have remarkable properties. When you understand those properties, you open new vistas for viewing empathy, visions, hallucinations, dreams, and the reality of language. You open new ways to understand objective reality, the reality of religious myths, and even the reality of death.

The motif of most Western thought since the time of Zoroaster and Plato is that we are minds (and souls) trapped within physical bodies. St Augustine reinforced this tradition and Descartes formalized it. The upright man, as symbolized by the stick figure (all head and almost no body) became a standard Western conception.

Nietzsche saw the evil of this conception and protested it loudly. Merleau-Ponty demonstrated that our bodies both know and are known. Freud and Lacan showed how the ego rises from the body through the magic of language. Our bodies are microcosms of the universe and bearers of its unspoken secrets. Holograms, chaos theory, and fractal geometry bear witness.

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