Wanted, a young genius to be the next Charles Darwin?

Stimulating article in the Daily Telegraph yesterday by Leicester’s very own David Attenborough on who and how the next Darwin might ’emerge’ (to use an evolutionary term).

My comment didn’t pass the moderator’s test, but I’ll cheat and publish it here:

“Sorry David but the next scientific revolution will not be televised. By the nature of where contemporary science is at, and where the internet is at, means the next Darwin is most likely to be found right now on Facebook or Twitter experimenting with their science and sharing their failures & breakthroughs.”

Actually I’ve taken the opportunity to add the last bit about experimenting & sharing. and this co-incidental pic from 2007…

Emerge emerge emergePhoto by Stuart Glendinning Hall

Darwin dinner at Christ’s College

News just in for Darwin lovers..

The Development Office is delighted to announce that on 12th February 2009 Christ’s will host a unique fundraising gala dinner to mark not only Charles Darwin’s birthday, but also the birth of College’s exciting collaboration with the Galapagos Conservation Trust. This event will undoubtedly be the highlight of the Bicentenary celebrations for both organisations.

There will be a full programme of activities throughout the afternoon and evening, including a discussion led by Sir David Attenborough and Andrew Marr, tours of the refurbishment of Darwin’s student set in College and a lavish black tie dinner in Hall.

Places are strictly limited. We are hoping to raise around £500,000 to establish a Charles Darwin and Galapagos Islands Trust to promote scholarship linked to present-day aspects of the work originally undertaken by Charles Darwin (Christ’s 1827-31, 1836-37).
Further information is available from Alex Cullen: