Cultural change in the City

Caught Conservative leader David Cameron talking about cultural change in the City on TV at CIMA a few minutes ago. Hope he’s seen the TED video on the benefit of pratical wisdom, and the issue with regulation and incentives? Surely this will spur City institutions to examine the benefits of online communities to inspre such change at less cost, and greater coverage, than traditional management consultant approaches? Hey, but I would say that, it’s my expertise.

David Cameron says bank on me

Conservative leader David Cameron says character and judgement are more important than experience. But experience teaches me that you build character and judgement through experience. Perhaps David thinks that you can’t change one’s essential character and judgement, which if so is a bit pessimistic for my liking (not to mention contrary to my experience).

I also see on the front of the Daily Mail today an article critical of the head of the Met for employing a friend. Oh come on, if you’re a serious member of the ‘Establishment’ you must at one point in time have employed a mate. Please even I’ve done that, probably the only¬†properly posh thing I’ve done come to think of it. The trick of course is to get away with it, in a good way I hasten to add. Bank on me? I will, thanks.