What’s the most inspiring web marketing advice you’ve had?

I was recently asked on Twitter: “What’s the most inspiring web marketing advice you’ve had?”. I hadn’t got a ready reply, but back in the considered context of my blog I have a two-part answer to that question –  the first part in the shape of these useful set of archived webinars from Hubspot:

Fortunately as the second part of the answer I’m going to be contributing some of these in-depth insights in a series of internet marketing training days in London, assisting digital strategist and chartered accountant James Eckhardt, starting on 5 May with two half-day courses. I hope to see you there and get to ask you “What’s the most inspiring piece of web marketing advice you’ve heard today?”.

Course Summary:

  • Identify the words and phrases (keywords) being used by your market in Google.
  • Discover the popularity, competitiveness and trends of your industry’s keywords.
  • Find relevant blogs, groups and forums to communicate with your market.
  • Setup e-mail alerts to monitor your online PR and content relevant to your business.
  • Interpret the key reports provided by Google Analytics.
  • Receive automated e-mail reports from Google Analytics.
  • Submit your website to mainstream business directories and listings.

You will also receive a copy of the course’s guidance notes for your personal use.

Update: the 5 May training day is now closed for bookings, but if you want to take part in future training please email me.