How can mentoring help online communities?

The job of the community manager is not an easy one. He or she has to juggle competing internal cultures of IT, senior management, and the community itself in order to deliver results. Results in terms of engaged, active discussions as opposed to corporate generated content which is typical of traditional websites.

But that said what positive tools can help you build a sustainable community and support your community manager? At SiftGroups we recognise how difficult this balancing act is. I’ve written about helping your community manager avoid burnout in the context of trying to run a customer-facing service without the skills and experience to meet those demands. Read more at the SiftGroups blog.

Cheers to the National Equalities in Mental Health Programme on Twitter

Good to see the National Equalities in Mental Health Programme on Twitter — cheers!

A few years ago I wrote a brief paper on empowerment. Here’s the paragraph on mental health groups; it’s only got five points:-)

Non-linear empowerment for self- help/consumer-run services

1 Strengthen consumer group leaders by empowering them with greater self-confidence.

2 Support and strengthen consumer group leaders by enabling them to use those new found skills and confidence to help empower individuals greater self-confidence regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, age etc.

3 Promote greater individual participation in groups at all levels as a result of individual empowerment.

4 Enable groups to participate more widely in their communities, encouraging further individual self-empowerment with the support of group leaders.

5 Support efforts to change communities’ perceptions/actions regarding people with experience of mental distress, and in encouraging reflection on their own experience.