Facebook update from F8

23 July: Mark Zuckerberg’s keynote webcast “We’ve got one guy in Greenland”. “We’re opening up the translation tool.” Mr Z gets a big ‘whoo’ from the audience for the annoucement that you no longer will have to sign up for apps as a user, you can just use them. Right on.

23 July: TechCrunch liveblogging the conference

23 July: Notes from jowyang’s twitter stream, compressed on TinyPaste so you get a feel for it, sitting in front of the front row on ground, a few feet from Zuckerberg. His blog post highlights the Facebook Connect news:

“Facebook Connect will allow corporate websites to authenticate, interact, and share with their Facebook network –all without leaving the corporate website. Boring, static corporate websites can now become social.” Launch FC partners are CNET, CBS and Disney.