How to turn Facebook fans into customers?

Interesting new development to help turn Facebook fans into customers:

Facebook tools up!

Facebook is taking steps to boost ad spending directly through brand pages, while also giving marketers new tools for managing their presence on the social network. The social network has rolled out promoted posts to extend the reach of page content, as well as providing companies different access levels to their Facebook pages internally.

Promoted posts allow Facebook page administrators to boost exposure for their posts beyond the normal reach they get in fans’ news feeds — and without having to go through a separate ad dashboard. Facebook, however, doesn’t specify how much larger a percentage of a brand’s fans will see a post that’s promoted.

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Well one already practiced method used to good effect  by online betting provider Paddy Power is to use Sponsored Stories, which also artificially raise the number of people who will see the post, while still retaining the benefits of social content. The basic on a brief slideshare taken from the Adobe Summit 2012 for Sony EU:

View more PowerPoint from Stuart Hall
Plus other useful resources via e-mint:
  • Cathy Ma: “Techlightenment is another company that has done extensive research on the value of fans  (but obviously is incentivised as they are a social engagement/ads optimisation/analytics consultancy).”
  • Mecca Ibrahim: Or simply check out ‘Quantifying the Value of a Facebook Fan: Forrester Analyst Report April 2012’ if you prefer a nice pdf to read at bedtime.

A quick tour of Facebook’s new Page design

OK, a new improved design and functionality for Facebook Pages for brands. So here’s a quick review for your pleasure, with the help of 10,000 Words analysis of the top features, and a clutch of images pinched from my test page thanks to the new design preview. The end result won’t go live until 30 March btw..

The four point analysis of the top features quoted from 10,000 Words today:

1. Overall Design Overhaul: “Pages are getting that statement-making glossy cover photo that characterizes the profile timeline, so brands need to begin thinking about what image to use, and how that image will reflect upon their overall fan experience.”

2. Post Pinning: “Brands will now have the ability to pin key posts to the top of their pages for up to 7 days, making it much easier to highlight important posts for a longer period of time.”

3. Admin Controls: “A new admin panel will appear at that the top of all brand pages you administer, giving you a snapshot into recent activity on the page. Brands will also be able to private message fans, meaning Facebook can be used more powerfully as a customer service tool. You won’t be able to initiate messages, but users can now message a brand page and page administrators can message them back. This is great news for community managers who are always looking for new ways to communicate with fans, particularly when fans’ issues involve private information like credit card orders, etc.”

4. Timeline Capabilities Allow for Brands to Add Milestones to Their Page: How your history can elevate your brand?

The five point tour (thanks to these quick screengrabs):

Tour 1Photo by Stuart Glendinning Hall

Tour 2Photo by Stuart Glendinning Hall
Tour 3Photo by Stuart Glendinning Hall
Tour 4Photo by Stuart Glendinning Hall
Tour 5Photo by Stuart Glendinning Hall

Update – with some choice links – or just go straight to Facebook’s own ‘mission control’ guide (pdf) to using the new pages:

    • Timeline for Facebook – the complete checklist for community managers: blog post from eModeration goes into the specifics
    • We are social: I also see thanks to ‘we are social’ that Page admins also have the option to hide fan posts from the page until approved in the Activity Log. Cool.
    • Red Bull: The soft drinks brand have already started with a Timeline Timewarp scavenger hunt (I’ve copied the T & Cs to here). Shame the 30 winners are selected by speed, based on a ‘PST’ starting time, otherwise I’d enter!
    • E-consultancy: A more detailed investigation, into the new features and functionality first here and then here.
    • Brands as friends: More on the reasoning behind FB’s new brand pages… – and also at Argyle Social’s blog on the same theme
    • Ten tactics: to optimise your FB Brand Page, from the good folks at Sift. It includes a useful summary of tactics that are no longer available on the home brand page:
      1. No gated Facebook pages encouraging likes to enter a competition.
      2. No permission marketing with data capture in return for information or other forms of value.
      3. No links direct to company website(s) – for example, many retailers have links from their home page to buy through the web store.
      4. No clear positioning messages – these aren’t permitted in the new main page cover image.
      5. No clear customer journeys through panels or links.
      6. No use of campaigns around specific products
    • And finally the video: