My Jotspot’s (now) moved to Google

I blogged in November 2006 that Google had bought the Jotspot wiki. Well, today I’ve completed the migration of my wiki to Google Sites, read more from Google here. There were no hitches, and it’s great I have a personal wiki on the same platform as Gmail. Thanks Google, as there are some great benefits:

  • Unprecedented scalability and availability
  • Significant improvements in performance
  • Unlimited pages for no cost
  • When used with Google Apps
  • Unlimited wiki creation
  • Significant increases in free storage
  • Improvements in wysiwyg editing
  • Improvements in ease of use
  • Tight integration with a product suite which includes enterprise class calendars, spreadsheets, video hosting, presentations, and documents
  • Internationalization support (38 languages)
  • Improved configuration over the site and page layout.