What does your growth stack look like?

Know what a GROWTH STACK is?

It’s a set of tools that work together seamlessly to drive growth.

The key word here is ‘seamlessly’.

If you’re serious about growth, you should really consider documenting processes for everything you do.

We use SweetProcess for that.

That’s one tool in our growth stack.

Here are the rest:

INTEGRATIONS (to connect different apps together)

  • Zapier – to connect different apps via API
  • Google Tag Manager – to make it easy to install scripts on a website
  • Leadsbridge – to connect Facebook Lead Ads and Custom Audiences with email marketing software
  • Wufoo – to create forms that integrate with everything

RETARGETING (to retarget customers at different stages of the buying cycle)

EMAIL / MESSAGING (to drive email and in-app messaging)

  • Sumo – to grow email list
  • Drip – for email automation
  • Mailchimp – Drip alternative (less powerful)
  • OneSignal – to grow push notification list

PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS (for improving campaign performance)

AD MANAGEMENT (for scaling ad campaigns)

WRITING (for producing content)

UX (for improving the performance of a website)

MANAGEMENT (for managing teams and projects)

  • Asana – to keep track of project tasks
  • Basecamp – to communicate with contractors and clients
  • Slack – for internal communication (to reduce emails)

We use a lot more tools across different campaigns…

…but the tools I’ve listed above are used on ALL campaigns.

Article from Alex Cleanthous, Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer at Web Profits (a growth marketing agency).