Will accountants use Twitter, maybe Google has an answer?

Spotted this new use by Google of their Adsense platform to advertise ‘tweets’ from the Twitter account of tax preparation software TurboTax, in ‘Advertising Age’ a couple of days ago, and posted on ICAEW’s IT Counts:

Twitter may still be tweaking its own business model, but Google has found a way to use the popular microblogging service to sell ads.

When a user clicks on an ad from Google, it takes them to TurboTax's Twitter page.

When a user clicks on an ad from Google, it takes them to TurboTax’s Twitter page.

The search giant has started offering marketers ad units that stream their five most recent “tweets” across the Google AdSense network. The first marketer to use the ad units is Intuit, whose TurboTax brand is trying to boost its Twitter followers.

And nice to hear from Mark Lee, who started the discussion about the value of Twitter to accountants in the UK, in response to this comment who’s started a twitter listing of all UK accountants, tax people and suppliers to the accountancy profession:

If anyone reading this thread is on twitter and wants to be added to the list (it’s a sort of twitter accountancy directory), just do the necessary (no charge) here: www.TaxAdviceNetwork.co.uk/twitter

The performance of the top 3 UK accountancy websites

I was interested to see the results of the comparison of site stats between CIMA, ICAEW and ACCA taken from compare.com. No doubt CIMA will soon change with the new online community launch CIMAsphere:

You get a different picture with Google Trends which ranks search volume and news reference volume though, where CIMA is the baseline rank (1.00):


Google Trends for ACCA, ICAEW, and CIMA

Google Trends for ACCA, ICAEW, and CIMA