Le Web 08 here we come

Looking forward to start of Le Web 08, especially as it’s being carried online (programme pdf here), some great looking sessions. Free live webstreams on ustream.tv. I see one of the official bloggers is IT Counts very own Dennis Howlett, who recently gave me a nice hat tip in relation to starting a poll on the VAT reduction.

Have a great Le Web 08 Dennis.

Web 2.0 delivers new finance model for business?

I was at a talk at the RSA last night for a sneak preview of a new film Us Now about the potential power of ordinary people using web 2.0 tools to change everything from the way government works to the ownership of football clubs. To quote internet guru Clay Shirky change happens not when we adopt new tools, but when we adopt new behaviours. And web technology can make this happen easier than ever before.

After the film I realised the film’s real power was in describing an alternative model for financing projects, based on web 2.0 technology, from BHO to banking. Fortunately as I work at the ICAEW this realisation came a little quicker, and I blogged it on the ICAEW’s IT Counts.

As you’d expect the US is way ahead of the game on this, it’s already got a catchy title ‘Finance 2.0’, with discussion at a recent Silicon Valley event including the US-version of Zopa called prosper.com.